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First Class

Jet Airways have created the first airline 'suite' in the sky offering its customers the ultimate in privacy and luxury. Each First Class suite providing over 26sq ft of usable space, features dual sliding doors that create complete privacy for every passenger choosing to fly Jet Airways First Class. Each of the eight First Class suites on the Boeing 777 aircraft will feature the world's longest First Class bed at 83 inches, massive 23 inch flat screen monitors and carefully designed storage areas that include a personal hanging wardrobe, dual credenza and under ottoman stowage. Each First Class suite is designed to allow dining for two with a VIP/Business Jet style table, multiple LED lighting options, variable lumbar support and an eight point massage system

In Flight Meals: Befitting what is arguably the finest First Class product in the sky; the menu choices are exquisite and extensive and will be plated on hand painted Bernardaud porcelain dinnerware. Personalise your five-course meal and choose what you want and when you want from our wide selection of world-class cuisine. The finest of French Champagnes, including vintage Dom Perignon and Krug, the finest wines from around the world and a library of single malt whiskies will all be served in Micassa crystal.

On Board Entertainment: The state-of-the-art In-Flight Panasonic eX2 Entertainment system offers passengers over 200 hours of Hollywood and Bollywood movies, regional films, television and short programming, audio CD's covering every imaginable music genre and much, much more; all on demand and all heard through Bose noise cancellation headphones. Naturally, for those wishing to work, laptop power and in flight telephones are available with the unique ability to send SMS and Email.

Service: To further enhance the ambience, we've introduced a phased mood-lighting system throughout the aircraft. Hand picked and especially trained First Class cabin crew will ensure personalized service with true Indian warmth and hospitality.

Jet Airways

Business Class

The new cabin design creates for every Premiere passenger a virtual living room, a space to work rest or play. Featuring a bed length of 73", widest shoulder space of 35.4" and hip space of 33.1" the seat electronically converts to an enormous 180 degree flat bed with lumbar support and massage systems, Premiere passengers will rest in unequalled comfort. With a 44" screen between the seats, Premiere passengers will enjoy an increased level of privacy. The Premiere seat also provides an oversized table, laptop power, telephony, SMS, Email and live text news to deliver a flying office for those Premiere passengers wanting to work.

In Flight Meals: Naturally, Premiere passengers will be treated to the finest of in-flight dining and service, featuring vintage French Champagnes, carefully selected wines from around the world and an overwhelming selection of Indian and Non-Indian cuisine. The Premiere cabin in both the widebody aircraft also sports a unique bar.

On Board Entertainment: Absolute state-of-the-art On-Demand Panasonic In-Flight Entertainment is available to all Premiere passengers. Featuring a 15.4 inch flat LCD screen and over two hundred hours of Hollywood and Bollywood moves, international cinema and Indian regional films, television and short programming, the IFE also includes a library of text and audio summaries of over 100 management books. Audio CDs of every imaginable music genre and the Berlitz World Traveller an application that helps teach over twenty foreign languages. Premiere passengers on Jet Airways will be spoilt for choice.

Service: Every Jet Airways flight has a wide choice of newspapers and magazines. We also offer regional newspapers on all flights along with a wide choice of Dailies, which are available on request.


Economy Class

Unlike conventional airline seats, as the backrest reclines, the Jet Airways seat moves forward to create a recline angle of 130 degrees, and an ergonomically correct seating position, reducing sinew, joint and muscle tensions. In addition, a hammock style head rest cradles and supports the head and neck, whilst a net suspended below the seat in front provides support for feet and ankles. Even our new 'hammock' headrest and unique foot net is designed to help you relax. So you can arrive at your destination more refreshed.

In Flight Meals: When it comes to service, Jet Airways always aim at delivering the very best. This includes the in-flight meals, prepared in state-of-the-art kitchens by accomplished chefs. Keeping in mind the individual needs of passengers, Jet Airways offer a vast array of special meals. Jet Airways also offers Kosher Meals on its Mumbai-London-Mumbai and Mumbai-Singapore-Mumbai sector. This special meal can only be requested for, up to 48 hours prior to flight departure. On board, these meals will be served to you in a sealed condition. The crew will open the sealed box and present the Kosher Certificate which is inside the box. These meals will only be heated on request. To request for a Special Kosher Meal, the code is KSML. Kosher Meal will consist of Western Non-Vegetarian Meal of Fish, Potatoes and Vegetables. To ensure that you get the meal that you want, please specify your preferences to the travel agent or the Jet Airways reservation staff at least 24 hours before your departure.

On Board Entertainment: Your personal 10.6-inch touch screen TV delivers the same on demand in-flight entertainment as enjoyed by our First Class and Premiere passengers. Create your own play list of over 200 songs or choose from a list of interactive games to keep even the most fanatical of gamers entertained. Of course, there are plenty of games to keep our younger passengers entertained too.

Service: Every Jet Airways flight has a wide choice of newspapers and magazines. We also offer regional newspapers on all flights along with a wide choice of Dailies, which are available on request.